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Steven Lyle Jordan

Steven Lyle Jordan’s formative years were filled with NASA’s manned space program accomplishments, the science fiction TV and movies, and the environmental movements of the 1960s and 70s.  He thus developed a keen interest for science, the environment and the future, as well as a passion for the technology that created the special effects in his favorite movies and TV shows. He was a pioneer of the ebook format, championing it and selling his books online in the 2000s before most readers (or publishers) had even heard of ebooks, and resulting in a New York Times interview for an article on ebook formats.  As he became a supporter and pundit of the early ebook industry, he also started blogging his views on science, technology, media, humanity, nature and the future, which can now be found on https://stevenlylejordan.blog.  His 18 (but who’s counting?) novels cover a range of topics from high-concept and hard SF to spacefaring sci-fi adventure. Steven has won the 2010 Top Four Reads at Daily Cheap Reads, Best of the Best Semi-Finalist at EditorJennifer.com (for Verdant Agenda), and Gold Star Winner in The Book Designer cover design competition, 2013 (for Sarcology, one of his self-made covers). His short story “The Never Ending Battle” was included in the anthology book Heroes.  He’s also been interviewed by Book Chums, an India-based book site, and the Tainted Archive, participated as a panelist at AwesomeCon, and contributed screenwriting and development to a number of speculative TV projects.

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