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Bill Eberle

Bill Eberle first got involved with the ideas which led to Cosmic Encounter when he was 25 in the summer of 1971, on a beach in Orleans Massachusetts. He says, “The ideas, the quest for what Peter Olotka and I thought would be a perfect game, and then the proof: a game where each player is an alien and each time you play you’re a different alien competing and cooperating with other players (other aliens) to gain colonies on other player’s home systems and turning that game into Cosmic Encounter - ideas like that sometimes end up being a big part of your life for the rest of your life.” 

Bill has a B.A. in English from Hamilton College and has worked at many occupations and avocations including board game design, programming, database application design and development, website design and web domain management, photography, painting, wood sculpting, writing poetry, designing small books and freestyle dancing. Bill is married to Dagney Ernest and lives and works in Thomaston, Maine.