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Erin Guydish

Exploring literature as a way of understanding reality has long been a passion of Erin’s, from a world where one small Lorax seed and a young person could make a difference, to novels describing a world where racial prejudices are erased, then inverted, to books describing how imagination can be the deciding factor in a quest for survival. Erin’s reading journeys took her to Wilkes University to complete a Bachelor’s Degree studying how literature manipulates gender, psychology, and ontological possibilities to enhance the readers’ understanding of our world. She went on to complete her Master’s and Doctorate at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation questioned the relationship between American literature, identity, and fictional representations as they informed American reality in the past 3 centuries. She now teaches at a variety of local colleges and universities, convincing students that words have power to change perspectives and the world.

Presenting: “It’s More than Just a Game of Thrones”