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Gary Cooper

Gary Cooper has leveraged a lifelong passion for model-making and dimensional art, into a successful enterprise for fun and profit. He has a degree from the University of Maryland in geography, specializing in cartography and map design & production, and a split minor in theatre arts and Industrial Education. His work has appeared in advertizing, on film, and in trade and museum exhibits.

While pursuing a federal career, his professional-artist debut took place in the mid-80’s doing models, special props, and technical costume elements for the feature films OUTERWORLD, and INVADER. He has since then been frequently commissioned to do work for studios serving customers such as MCI, AOL, Hargrove, Discovery Channel, General Electric, the DEA, etc.

In 1986 he was commissioned to create a three-panel series of Braille model maps, as part of the Tactile Capitol Project. These covered the federal district of Washington DC from Capitol Hill to the Washington Monument, and are currently on display in the Rotunda of the US Capitol Building, Library of Congress, and the Smithsonian Institution.

In 1996 the College Park Aviation Museum commissioned a 14-ft-long Diorama depicting the US Army Signal Corps. Flying School Airfield, and nearby civilian aviation facilities c. 1911.

Currently, he’s a freelance professional Modelmaker / Commercial Artist, providing model-making design & execution, exhibit design consultation, and model restoration services. His principal customer is One of a Kind Inc. Art Studio, of Silver Spring, MD, a commemorative collage studio with customers in the Who’s Who of corporations, celebrities, and professional organizations. www.Oneofakindinc.com

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Saturday, May 26

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