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Greg Olotka

Greg has been a Cosmic Encounter contributor since writing his first alien history (Warpish) when he was 10 years old. Since then he has been wrangling the swarm of 196 alien images into a multitude of digital formats. He produced Cosmic Encounter Online starting with the 1997 Java version, migrating to the 2003 Flash version which ran until 2014. He oversaw the production of the current Tabletop Simulator game on Steam, launched in 2015 and now played by thousands of CE fans around the world. As a Future Pastimes Partner he contributes to all new future product development for the board game, working closely with Fantasy Flight Games, Peter and Bill. 

He was the first director of community director for the NBA and Turner Sports. He also worked on a social media team in an agency setting, creating content marketing campaigns. His client experience includes the automotive, professional sports, beverage, lighting, legal marketing, energy, and homebuilding sectors. 

He lives in the Atlanta area with his wife and two young daughters who help him test things on the iPad. The three year old is better with the tablet than he is.