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Merle Robinson

DoD Civilian Analyst (retired)
Columbus, OH

Merle S. Robinson is the Lead Wargame Designer for the National Security Decision-Making Game since 2001 (NSDMG premiered at DragonCon 1990). NSDMG is a Department of Defense style economic/political/military game covering past, present and future geopolitical situations where participants represent significant factions within real world nations.

An active member of the Military Operations Research Society (MORS), he is a graduate of their Wargaming Certificate Course. During over thirty-five years of Department of Defense service he served as analyst/leader in budgeting, finance, organizational design, environmental science, information technology (Defense Business System Manager) and process improvement (Six Sigma Black Belt).

He has appeared as an event leader for over fifteen years at academic/hobby venues such as DragonCon, Gencon, Origins, Cold-Wars, Fall-in, Ashland University, Ball State, National Defense University, the Marine Corps Intelligence activity and the Asian Pacific Center For Strategic Studies. This has included leading over four hundred NSDMG games and delivering over two hundred and fifty seminars on historic/contemporary geopolitical/military issues at multiple venues. Outreach director for the Connections multi-disciplinary wargaming convention (https://connections-wargaming.com)