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Robert Godwin

Apogee Space Books
Owner and Founder
Robert Godwin is the owner and founder of Apogee Space Books. He was the Space Curator of the Canadian Air & Space Museum in Toronto and has written or edited over 100 books, including the award winning series "The NASA Mission Reports". Robert has appeared on dozens of radio and television programs in Canada, the USA and England. His books have been discussed on CNN, the CBC, the BBC and CBS 60 Minutes. He produced the first ever virtual reality panoramas of the Apollo lunar surface photography and the first time synchronized multi-camera movie of the Apollo 11 moonwalk. In his acclaimed project "New Horizons" he created dozens of new panoramic still images from the Apollo lunar surface video. He has consulted on many television series including Discovery Channel's "Rocket Science" and "Mars Rising".

Robert co-authored a biography of Arthur C. Clarke with brother Fred Clarke and a history of space movies with Stanley Kubrick's science advisor, Frederick I Ordway III. He produced the documentary "2001 - The Science of Futures Past" and was co-sponsor of the Arthur C Clarke Tribute dinner at the Playboy Mansion in 2001. He is co-owner of General Astronautics Research Corporation with Frederick Ordway IV and John Lange, son of 2001 A Space Odyssey conceptual artist, Harry Lange.

He is a member of both the International Astronautical Federation's and the American Astronautical Society's history committees and a lifetime member of the National Space Society and the Space Frontier Foundation.
The main-belt asteroid (4252) Godwin is named for his work in the space history field and for raising awareness of the risks of earth-crossing asteroids.

Robert is currently working under a NASA Space Act Agreement on a history of space stations and is writing the biography of Frederick I Ordway III.